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Health & Wellbeing Studio

We have created a Wellbeing Studio that relates to health by combining the best of both worlds – modern medicine treatments and holistic medicine for a more sustainable healing experience.

Anyone who is unhappy with their present state of health should seek clinical help from our Health and Wellbeing team. We partner with you to find the root source of your health problems and then direct you back to wholeness of mind, body, and soul, unlike traditional medical treatment, which focuses on sickness rather than wellbeing.

Whatever your health challenges are and however long you may have been struggling, please take solace in that we have professional practitioners at the Studio to help you with all your Health and Wellbeing needs.

FOD – Fitness on Demand

Browse hundreds of fitness classes using our on-site kiosk to find the perfect class to fit your schedule and goals.

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FOD – is a series of virtual classes taught by certified instructors through a screen. Classes are diverse and there is almost every interest and every level of fitness. Classes range from Cycling/Spin, Kickboxing, HIIT, Step, Dance, Toning and Sculpting to Breathing exercises even fitness testing based on perceived ability and you can choose to work out from 10-60mins.

Who will benefit from FOD?

It is for those that love and crave diversity in their workouts, who also need flexibility in their schedule. You can come into FOD studio and book a class of your choice from 6am – 6pm (Mon-Fri – weekend by appt). There is easily over 400 classes something for everyone.

This is a revolutionary way to participate in a group exercise classes – Our FOD Studio has been designed for individual use or with a partner. It offers privacy, affordability and comfortability the only way to maximize your health.

Browse hundreds of fitness classes using our on-site kiosk to find the perfect class to fit your schedule and goals. Once you have selected a class it will be broadcasted to the large video display, providing you in an immersive virtual fitness experience for you or partner.

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Nutrition Practitioners

Weight and Nutritionist Practitioner can offer you: –

  • Dietetic educational service
  • Assess your nutritional needs
  • Develop dietetic plans personal level
  • Facilitate group or individual exercise sessions
  • Oversee meal planning
  • Collect data and prepare statistical reports on your goals and progress

A Nutritionists works with an individual clients to develop customised diets and meal plans to suit their overall healthy weight loss program. This involves coordinating with clients, caregivers and physician to make sure the plan is appropriate for the individual’s health care needs.

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