Clinical Hypnotherapy 🦋

How does it work?

Researchers have belief that through a state of trance, hypnosis can be effective therapy to change a person’s habits, thought patterns and unwanted behaviours.

So what is a trance state? Well, a state of trance is an altered form of consciousness where a person is neither fully awake nor fully asleep. Trance state has been known as “walking between the world of the conscious and subconscious mind”.

What does trance feel like? It feels like time stands still. Maybe even feels like you are “zoning out,” or “being off with the fairies,” even “in a day-dream.”

However, difference is you will feel more relaxed after trance and most prominent sensation you will feel is, a sense of overwhelming calmness and a heightened awareness of your inner strengths so you can face life’s challenges.

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