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What can hypnosis do?

In Hypnotherapy the Clinical Hypnotherapist bypasses the critical factor of the mind to make suggestions into the subconscious. The Sub Conscious Mind stores our long-term memories.  We record things literally and in a very childlike manner, without judgment. This part of our mind has the ability to multi-task, such as driving a car and talking at same time.

The Subconscious has been theorised to be the untapped part of the mind, as a result we have unlimited resources and potential. So why is this so?

Well, we have 4 different brain waves patterns that effect – how we learn, move, relax and heal/sleep, patterns are identified as:

  • Beta – associated with normal waking exercises, at this level the mind focuses on the five physical senses.
  • Alpha – relates to relaxation, visualisation and creativity.
  • Theta – is when you meditate; use your intuition and memory.
  • Delta is where detached awareness, healing and sleep occur.

Hypnosis can engage all 4 at different times in a session when required.

Lucky there’s an almond-shape set of neurons in our brain, that is located deep within the medial temporal lobe. It is known as the amygdala – the amygdala is influenced by our, fight, flight or freeze response.

So the major benefit of hypnosis is: when you are in a relaxed state known as trance it helps the autonomic nervous system (amygdala) calm down and your immune system than has time to heal.

Please be aware – hypnosis isn’t a magic bullet, there’s no magic involved. Hypnosis when used in the right way (in a therapy setting), can achieve wonderful, long lasting, life changing outcomes for an individual.

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